"Love thy neighbour as thyself "

- Luke 10: 27


The project ‘UNARVU’ is designed to ‘Strengthening the living standards of Catholic and non-Catholic, migrant labours working in Thrissur with special reference to the poor and over exploited Catholic migrant fisherman from Tsunami affected areas of Tamilnadu working in Thrissur District coastal areas’. This project covers all the thickly populated areas of migrant labours at Chavakkad and Ollukkara block in Thrissur district.


To contribute towards enhanced health and welfare of the Domestic migrant labours through improved access to medical facilities, welfare schemes and spiritual needs. It is common knowledge that access to medical facilities is the key towards better health and welfare of communities. This program strives to ensure access to these facilities and make the life of the labourers safe and so the life of ordinary people of the state.


  • To conduct free medical camps for the poor migrant labours
  • Provide them enough awareness classes on important issues
  • To provide them free legal assistance
  • To provide enough spiritual and pastoral care for the catholic migrant labourers.
  • Construction of a 1200 square feet multi-purpose shed
  • To provide a free dispensary
  • To provide mobile dispensary


  • Mobile clinic
  • Awareness classes
  • Help desk
  • Multi-purpose shed
  • Free dispensary


No one is useless in this world
who lightens the burdens of another.

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