"Love thy neighbour as thyself "

- Luke 10: 27


The project ‘Social mainstreaming of spinsters and sidelined women’ proposes the mobilization of single woman and organizing them in to Self Help Groups ensuing in skill development and promotion of income generation programs. The project aims at elevating the overall status of disowned deprived “single women” and socially legitimizing “single womanhood” provided with full social and legal entitlements as well as equal opportunities like any other sanctified vocations of life like marital life, priesthood, nun-hood, etc.

Target group of the project is Spinsters within the age limit of 35-60 years and Widows and unwed mothers below 45 years.


  • Create and maintain separate space in Kerala society for women opting and experiencing ‘single womanhood’
  • Organise the concerned women as a cohesive and socially sanctified segment with their fraternities, associations and federations constituted locally, regionally and state level
  • Ensure human safety, gender/social status and livelihood security for the single women
  • Professionally equip the members as service providers in voluntary sector and human/social welfare institutions
  • Stabilise and upkeep the arena of humanitarian services by keeping in place an additional set up for quality services


  • Spinster’s identification in the operational area of DSSS
  • Self Help Groups (SHG) and Networks
  • Personality Development and Group Dynamics Training
  • Basic training on SHG and Micro Credit practices
  • Legal Aid and Support Services
  • DSSS level get together of Spinsters
  • Skills/ Entrepreneurship training

No one is useless in this world
who lightens the burdens of another.

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