"Love thy neighbour as thyself "

- Luke 10: 27


There is a saying that “mother breeds generation” a self sustained family depends on an empowered woman. The Social Welfare Centre has been a courier towards this and hence goes the victory march irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Micro credits are widely accepted by the people with dynamic response by depositing their filths periodically as a launch of amassing financial stability against the immediate and unexpected financial crisis. By conducting various awareness classes and seminars the members are enabled to tackle any situation. A number of members have been elected to the local -bodies as people’s representatives.


  • Provide dwelling houses for the Marginalised and low income groups, Irrespective of caste, community or creed.
  • The primary need of a family is a shelter for their own. As such the Social Welfare Centre gives the top Priority for the housing projects.
  • Decades back Social Welfare Centre tied its band in this field, giving topmost importance to the housing needs of the deserving folk.


  • collecting the weekly savings
  • Micro financing
  • Women empowerment programmes
  • Funding for IGPs
  • responding to the social issues

Programme Conducted

  • Paper bag making
  • Umbrella making
  • Artificial jewellers making
  • Glass painting
  • Saree designing
  • Dry flower arrangement
  • Cake making


  • Developed social and financial status of women
  • Self employment for the people
  • Over all well being of women and children
  • Lesser risk of social issues among the community

A number of income generation activities are being done by these units such as

  • Paper bag making
  • Note books making
  • Candle making
  • Saree designing
  • Saree painting
  • Rabbit rearing
  • Rice Cultivation
  • Artificial jewellers making
  • Kitchen Garden
  • Pickle Making
  • wafer unit
  • Dry flower arrangement
  • Umbrella making
  • Floor mat making

No one is useless in this world
who lightens the burdens of another.

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