"Love thy neighbour as thyself "

- Luke 10: 27

JESSP (Jubilee Educational Sponsorship Social Action Project)

“Providing quality education to children who are the gift of God and the hope of the future is of course a safe investment, by which a family or nation, can certainly expect sustainable growth, stability and pleasant living”. Thrissur Archdiocese from its inception takes much care to provide better education to children. Various colleges, technical institutions and schools owned and managed by its attest its everlasting dedication to education. Thrissur as a centre of excellence in education and culture has inherited harmonious pleasant living to all classes of people. There credit goes to the ancestors who had given prime importance to educational growth. It envisages financial and follow up to support to the less privileged children to continue their education.

This project is intended to give adequate education facilities to the needy children of the poor families irrespective of their cast and religion. We distribute uniform, books, school bag, umbrella, chapels etc.

We provide Special awareness classes, summer camps, medical care and special monitoring will be provided through specially trained social workers. Over all care will be given to the needy children in all aspects. Integrated development of the students is the core object of this project.

In these different ways all the children will be provided with opportunity to enhance their level of self-confidence, human dignity and human right (child’s rights), with a strong base for a better tomorrow, through quality education.


To transform our society to a just and sustainable social order where gospel values are nurtured and lived.


The Integral Development through constant empowerment, co-operation and concerted community action.


  • Spreading good living values, social harmony.
  • Better education, new concepts.
  • Up gradation of living standards using natural resources.
  • Promotes organic –Bio-Eco Friendly Farming
  • Setting up of Justice Cell.
  • Establishment of SHGs /Collective Leadership.
  • Construction of houses and Medical aid for the poor sections
  • To facilitate formation and strengthening of community based organization.
  • To support and collaborate with local self government and other development factors.
  • To uphold morality and right to true information and technology for development.


  • Conducting survey for selecting students
  • Meeting of the children and Parents
  • Programme
  • Boosting for students, extra care, and special attention for studies
  • Motivation programme
  • Special day celebrations
  • Study materials provided to the students
  • Vacation camps


No one is useless in this world
who lightens the burdens of another.

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