"Love thy neighbour as thyself "

- Luke 10: 27


  • Community Based Organizations

    Social Welfare Centre has been coordinating a wider group of people to unite themselves together beyond the barriers of gender, caste and creed in the urban as well as the rural areas of Thrissur district to address their common and particular social issues and needs timely and effectively. Under the flagship of Social Welfare Centre, we have women as well as children SHGs consist of 10 to 20 likeminded people of a particular small area in each group. Basic Action Team (BAT) is the apex body of Parish level SHGs. Leaders from different BATs of a particular region constitute the Regional Action Team (RAT) and the central committee of leader is known as Central Action Team (CAT).

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  • Natural Resource Management

    Natural resource management is the management of natural resources such as land, water, soil, plants and animals, with a particular focus on how management affects the quality of life for both present and future generations.  It’s a long term implications of actions.  The management of natural resources is not just about now but about the future.The goal of natural resource management is sustainability i.e. It is balancing the social (people and communities), economic (money and jobs) and environmental (land, water, air and living things) factors to make sure that our future generation can equally benefit from our natural resources.  Sustainable management of natural resources plays a major role in the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the people. In fact, in many instances, the goal is to leave a better natural environment for people in the future than what we have today! It’s possible to see this happen, with modern science and research and adopting new primary production techniques.

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  • Migrant Mission

    Migrant Mission is aims at strengthening the living standards of catholic and non-catholic migrant labours working in Thrissur. The project give special reference to the poor and over exploited catholic migrant fisherman from Tsunami affected areas of Tamilnadu working in Thrissur district.The global objective of this project is to contribute towards enhanced health and welfare of the Domestic migrant labours through improved access to medical facilities, welfare schemes and spiritual needs. It is common knowledge that access to medical facilities is the key towards better health and welfare of communities. This programme strives to ensure access to these facilities and make the life of the labourers safe and so the life of ordinary people of the state.

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  • Family Development Programme

    Save A Family Plan (SAFP) is an international development organization and a registered charity in Canada, United States of America and India. It is a non-governmental voluntary organization with a vision of ‘partnering with the poor for a just world’. SAFP encourages those from developed countries to support poor families in India through a myriad of developmental activities under two main programs: Family Development and Community Development It implements the program through 53,000 approved Sanghams ( Self Help Groups) in India. More than 3000 volunteers are working in 13 states to ensure that aid reaches those who most need it at the grassroots level.

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  • Community Development Programme

    Community Development is the method and Rural Extension the agency through which the Five Year Plan seeks to initiate a process of transformation of the social and economic life of the villages.Community Development Programme promotes various factors.It promotes the self-confidence among the ruralites.It develops self-reliance in the individual and initiative in the village community.The community development programme effects change at the psychological level of the ruralites.It seeks to create new administrative machinery suited to the manifold needs of the village.It is pre-eminently people-oriented.Community thinking and collective action are encouraged through people’s institutions like the Panchayats, co­operative societies, Vikas mandals, etc.

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  • Research and Documentations

    The Research and Documentation plays a vital role in the affairs of Santhwanam.  It focuses on collecting, preserving, recording and studying resources dealing with the various socio economical and environmental issues and community development programs.The Research and Documentation includes the documentation of Santhwanam related to Social center housing, social welfare center, social action and research projects such as JESSP (Scholarship project), Unarvu (Migrant mission), Samanvaya, Child rights, Save a family, Family Development Programme, Snehanidhi, Joint Liability Groups, etc. Santhwanam developed number of projects under own initiative and it became successful. Snathwanam is still executing foreign projects as well as domestic projects for the development of vulnerable section/communities.  The details of Projects are given under ‘Projects’ menu

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  • Community based Rehabilitation Programme

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  • Women Empowerment - Snehanidhi

    There is a saying that “mother breeds generation” a self sustained family depends on an empowered woman. The Social Welfare Centre has been a courier towards this and hence goes the victory march irrespective of caste, creed and religion.Micro credits are widely accepted by the people with dynamic response by depositing their filths periodically as a launch of amassing financial stability against the immediate and unexpected financial crisis.By conducting various awareness classes and seminars the members are enabled to tackle any situation. A number of members have been elected to the local -bodies as people’s representatives.

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No one is useless in this world
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