"Love thy neighbour as thyself "

- Luke 10: 27

God's Own Family ( GOF)

God’s Own Family is a family welfare project by Save A Family Plan of Santhwanam to make changes in the lives of poor people in the Thrissur district. The project focus on creating a systematized process of capacity development so as to empower the targeted families and communities to address their poverty related issues. GOF concentrates on the family development, more of a responsive way to meet the needs of the people. It brings in a positive change in the lives of the poor people..

GOF was launched in the 2012 in connection with Post Centennial Silver Jubilee of Archdiocese of Trichur. The tenure of the project is five years. The cost of the project will be shared among the local benefactors.


  • Regional Meetings

    Regional meetings are conducted for motivating the families and ensured the complete participation of all beneficiaries throughout the program.

  • Central Meetings

    Each central meeting conducted at selected parishes, where the beneficiaries came together and share their problems.

  • Counseling

    A major activity of GOF is conducting counseling to the beneficiaries who are in needy conditions. The Director, Co-ordinator and animators actively perform and give needful instructions to the family members. The team members get a chance to know the issues of families, which can be identified while conducting house visits, central meetings.

  • Monitoring visits

    House visits are an effective tool to identify their problems and to priorities them. By identifying the issues, we can put forward each step to resolve those.

  • Income Generating programs

    The families in the project are involved in a variety of economic activities as part of complex livelihood strategies. The project aims at promoting the understanding of the role of such activities for assuring a stable income through self sufficiency

  • Mirror

    We organized vacation camp for school going children of the beneficiary families. Many experts from different areas interact with the children and provide a motivation and guidance to the children. The outings help the children to refresh their minds and get a positive energy for their life. Apart from that camp we provide school kit for the children.

  • Annual Meet

    Every year GOF conduct an annual meet of beneficiary families.

  • Santhwana Sparsam

    Every year GOF conduct an annual meet of benefactors.

  • Financial Aid

    Financial Aid is assistance in the form of grants, loans, and work. It is provided by the partner NGO.


No one is useless in this world
who lightens the burdens of another.

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