"Love thy neighbour as thyself "

- Luke 10: 27


Social Welfare Centre has been coordinating a wider group of people to unite themselves together beyond the barriers of gender, caste and creed in the urban as well as the rural areas of Thrissur district to address their common and particular social issues and needs timely and effectively. Under the flagship of Social Welfare Centre, we have women as well as children SHGs consist of 10 to 20 likeminded people of a particular small area in each group. Basic Action Team (BAT) is the apex body of Parish level SHGs. Leaders from different BATs of a particular region constitute the Regional Action Team (RAT) and the central committee of leader is known as Central Action Team (CAT).


  • Collection of weekly savings
  • Distribution of loans
  • Introduction of self employment programmes
  • Women empowerment through their unity
  • Social interventions
  • Establishment of local selling outlets
  • Arrange cultural programmes
  • Encouragement of arts and sports
  • Act in collaboration with governmental & other agencies
  • Introduce innovative programmes for holistic development of women

Trainings & Meetings

Income Generation Programme

Programmes Conducted under IGP

  • Candle making
  • Note book production
  • Paper Bag making
  • Rice vendor
  • Grocery shops
  • Stationery shops
  • Tea stalls
  • Sweets making
  • Rabbit rearing
  • Cattle rearing
  • Goat rearing
  • Chicken/birds farms
  • Floriculture
  • Organic Vegetable cultivation
  • Rice farming
  • Betel leaves farming
  • Compost making
  • Umbrella making
  • Readymade tailoring
  • Tailoring units
  • Jam, pickle making
  • Tea vendor
  • Virgin Oil Making


  • Better standards of life among members’ families
  • Economic stability of members
  • Developed social sensitivity
  • Eradication of social evils (Pan Masala, Liquor etc)
  • Launched steady income generation programmes
  • Introduced self employment programmes
  • Availed the assistance of banks, KSBCDC etc
  • Emergency financial crisis alleviations
  • People became more hygiene and health aware
  • promoted the mainstreaming of women

No one is useless in this world
who lightens the burdens of another.

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