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“ Providing quality education to children who are the gift of God and the hope of the future is of course a safe investment, by which a family or nation, can certainly expect sustainable growth, stability and pleasant living.” Santhwanam takes much care to provide better education to children. The Jubilee Education Sponsorship Project (JESP) entered into second phase, and according to this project studious students belonging to financially weak families are identified and such students are provided with required educational facilities like books, counselling, individual tuitions. Santhwanam is monitoring the quality of education periodically. Animators and social workers are supporting voluntarily in this noble venture by interacting with students and their parents frequently. There is a system at Santhwanam to evaluate the educational progress and prescribe suitable solutions then and there for overall development of selected students. Major events 1. Vacation Camp 2. Launching Ceremony 3. Pravesanothsavam 4. Special day Celebration 5. Evaluation Meeting 6. Awareness Classes 7. One day picnic 8. Tuition fee distribution 9. Animators meeting 10.Residential camps