Who We Are?

Santhwanam Social Apostolate was established in the year 2010 in order to attain the main objects of coordination , control , consolidation , execution and guidance of social service activities of different charity institutions , congregations and diocesian ministries which come under Syro Malabar Catholic Archdiocese of Trichur. This idea was mooted by his Excellency Mar Andrews Thazhath , Metropolitan Archbishop of Thrissur and materialised vide Decree Number 435/02-02-2010

Our Vision

Spread the divine message of love and peace among humanity for its social uplift and enrichment.

Our Mission

Promote coordination and creative action of different social institutions, congregations and Archdiocesian ministries to achieve sustainability and growth in society. Accordingly Santhwanam Social Apostolate endeavours for promotion and coordination of all social and charitable activities of the Arch Diocese, based on Catholic principles.

Our Function

The functions of the Santhwanam are implemented in two ways: service through different welfare and charitable institutions of Archdiocese and by providing direct services through organizations registered separately to fulfill specified goals and purposes.

We have incorporated the reports of direct services provided through our organizations namely Social Action, Social Welfare Centre, Social Centre Housing, Slum Service Centre, Social Welfare Ideal Forum Thrissur, Save A Family, Santhwanam Trust and Swift Micro Credits

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